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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: cvsweb upgrade
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2000 13:30:29 GMT
On Fri, 17 Mar 2000 wrote:
> > Bonsai blows. LXR is sweet.
> They work very well together though and if you are going to set up lxr,
> you might as well set up bonsai as well.  That doesn't mean that bonsai
> replaces the cvsweb view, it just means that lxr without bonsai seems
> rather crippled to me.

I like LXR's cross-ref stuff. It's view of directories is better left to
cvsweb/ViewCVS. I don't see that you must have both if you pick one.

> The cvs-blame mode is really cool, and it gives
> you nice side-by-side coloured diffs.


cvs-blame as implemented by cvsweb requires write-access (by the web
server) to the CVS repository(!). Not a good thing. Bonsai does it
readonly by crawling thru the raw RCS file; hairy, but doable.

>  cvsweb has that feature too, but I
> prefer the bonsai look.

Agreed. Bonsai does have a nice look for its annotation / blame stuff.

> > The problem with Bonsai is that you don't have overviews of the
> > directories, and it takes a lot of clicks to get down to the change logs.
> > I'm -1 on bonsai. +0 for Zeller's cvsweb, +1 on ViewCVS.
> Bonsai was never designed to do that.  That's lxr's job.  ie.
> Try clicking on the php_gd.h file there to see the cross-reference view
> and then click on cvs-blame or cvs-log.  Also being able to easily see the
> changes in the past week to a file is very useful.

Well, I don't know if this is the right forum for discussing user
interfaces or expectations :-), but I find your example is exactly why I
don't like the Bonsai/LXR navigation. When I see the files, I want to see
the logs well before wanting to see the actual file contents. That
top-level /gd/ directory doesn't have any CVS info -- that stuff is two
clicks away (and what is that "Description" field??). cvsweb/ViewCVS
provide the overviews (last checkin comment, when the checking happened,
and by whom) in the directory listing with links directly to the log files
or to the HEAD revision.

The "changes to this directory" is interesting. You get a similar feature
in cvsweb/ViewCVS with its change date, but it doesn't (yet) have a way to
aggregate changes like Bonsai does.


Greg Stein,

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