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Subject Re: Config API / RE: Whacking access.conf, srm.conf, Makefile.tmpl
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2000 01:19:30 GMT
> There are three steps to the problem (as I see it for now):
> 1) config API for pluggable config data sources
> 2) write changes back to the config API
> 3) runtime query of config data (rather than current mechanism where the
>    config system pushes the data into the modules)
> Apache 2.0 *might* get (1) and *maybe* have a rough sketch for handling
> (2). Step (2) might not even be handled in any of the provided config
> mechanisms.

There are 2 problems:
1.  how to support a different format/source for the config files
2.  how to support run-time changes

If you just want a different config data source ( without run-time
changes) - probably the easiest is to just convert from that format to the
current format before starting Apache. 

That's what we do in Tomcat - from web.xml and server.xml configurations
we generate a httpd.conf fragment. 

For runtime changes, probably it will be impossible to support all the
possible change and all modules, so it will fall back to a restart, but
at least adding a new vhost/new mapping should be possible. 

The module need to re-configure itself and that's the hardest part.

If we have an API for runtime change - it will be easy to plug any data


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