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From "Philippe M. Chiasson" <>
Subject Re: Server auto-reconfiguration
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2000 06:31:05 GMT
On Sun, 12 Mar 2000, James G Smith wrote:

> While at ApacheCon, several tired people got together late at 
> night and came up with the idea of allowing Apache to reconfigure 
> itself without requiring a rewrite of the conf file or a signal.
> This would allow the server not only to react to changes in the 
> network and request environment, but also allow for the creation
> of a simple web-based configuration handler.

Yes, and it would make things like addind Vhosts without restarting your
server.  No need to have downtime at all anymore :-)
> Concerning the web-based configuration, this would be good for
> those users which are not savvy enough to edit the config files
> by hand or install and run Comanche -- install the binary, run
> it, and point a browser at it.  This would be useful for simple
> configurations, not all aspects of configuration at this point.
> Several people are interested on working on various aspects of
> this.  The question to the list is, Is this a hairbrained idea?
> If so, why?  (I might learn something important from the reasons.)
I don't think its something unrealistic. (Being part of the original
discussion).  I also think I remember hearing Brian mentionning dynamic
(re)configuration at one of the Apache-2.0 talks.  I can see some stuff as
not really modyfiable, like ServerRoot, but most of the rest could be
changed at runtime without problem, IMO.

> Details such as the persistance of the configuration changes
> and communication mechanisms are still vague at this point, but
> are recognized as problems requiring a solution.  The work would
> be based on the Apache 2.0 tree.

I am willing to put some time in this, if any form of specs/wishes are

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