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From Curt Sampson <>
Subject Expires: header and custom error documents
Date Wed, 08 Mar 2000 00:27:51 GMT

I've been checking out the behaviour of mod_expires.c, and I've noticed
something that, for me at least, is somewhat unpleasant. There are a
couple of lines right at the beginning of add_expires() reading:

    if (ap_is_HTTP_ERROR(r->status))  /* Don't add Expires headers to errors */
	return DECLINED;

We use the ErrorDocument directive here to remap the standard 503 error
to a custom error page when the java servers backing our apache server
are down for maintenance. Unfortunately, this means that when we come
back up, sometimes people checking our site again just get the cached
error document and think we're still down (most people out there don't
think to do a reload, apparently).

Is there some reason that mod_expire declines to add an expires header
to an error document? There's nothing in the spec that prohibits it,
as far as I can see, and a web search finds no explanation of why it
might not be permitted. (I didn't find anything in the mailing list
archives when searching with Glimpse, either.)

If it seems reasonable to remove this, I'll happily submit a PR for the
issue, if that's necessary.

Plese ensure you cc replies to me, as I'm not on this list.

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