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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Funny stuff
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2000 21:22:11 GMT
On Mon, 6 Mar 2000, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> I just have to share this....
> On our web page, we have a GIF called 'jvision.gif' which is short for
> jaguNET Visionaries... We just got a nasty Email from a company saying
> that _they've_ trademarked the JVISION name, and that we have to change
> the name of our GIF file because it affects how their site and our
> site come up in some search engines...
> Even I've never heard of something like this. Does Apple or MS prevent
> people from using apple.gid or microsoft.gif or windows.gif
> as NAMES of GIFs?? :) :)
> What a world :)

I say, forget them. In fact, I might even send a nasty reply.

1) Trademarks are associated with a particular market. Therefore, it is
   possible to have a JVision trademark related to computers, one for food
   products, and one for the name of a car.

2) They have not trademarked it, as far as the US Patent and Trademark
   Office knows. It isn't listing as *pending* or as *registered*. (well,
   the web site can be up to four months out of date, but it takes at
   least a year to register, so a pending should at least show up)

While they may have a trademark on some particular market, I seriously
doubt they have a trademark in the field of file names. Further, they have
no rights in regards to positions within a search engine result page. To
believe they have some innate right to appear before you is insane.

And, yes... I do find this funny :-). It is such an absurd belief and
request. Just makes me want to reply back and chastise them for being


Greg Stein,

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