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Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-2.0/src README.MPM
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2000 01:58:06 GMT
> I just noticed that the deletion is already done in
> the last version (20000302171217). How can I activate
> and additional third-party-module now?? With the old
> "configure" in the top-dir it was easy.

I do not think it is currently possible to configure third party modules
for Apache 2.0.  I have been meaning to look into this, but I haven't had
the opportunity recently.  I'll be looking at this tonight and tomorrow.

> Besides this I just start wondering why this configuration
> depends on all kind of extra tools?? So far it depends
> already on autoconf and libtool.

The group decided that we should be using autoconf and libtool.  There are
people in the group who dislike this decision, but the group decided, so
we stick with it, until a good technical reason is brought up to make us
re-consider it.  :-)

> I also found something weird in the script.
> It checks the version and availability of libtool.
> If libtool is not there is states taht it needs 1.3 or newer.
> If it is there it needs 1.3.3 or newer.
> Which is it?? I just check and seems to work with 1.3 as well.
If it works with 1.3, then we need to remove the requirement for 1.3.3.


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