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From James Sutherland <>
Subject Re: Replacement of WARNING.NT proposed
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2000 17:52:53 GMT
On Thu, 2 Mar 2000, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

> Replacement of WARNING.NT to Apache 2.0 proposed for vote, final revisions
> > From: James Sutherland []
> >       William A. Rowe, Jr. [] wrote:
> The Apache Software Foundation developed the Apache WWW server for
> portablity between OS (Operating System) platforms.  Apache originated on
> the Unix platforms as a replacement for httpd.  As Apache has been ported to
> OS2, Win32 and Novell platforms in the recent past, the original Unix
> implementations remains the benchmark for stability.

Clarify "httpd" - after all, Apache is called httpd too! :-)

"As the Apache ports to the OS/2, Novell and Win32 platforms are quite
new, the ..."?

> ASF supports the NT/2000 platform in tandem with our many others, and
"Windows NT/2000" - "NT" is a trademark of Northern Telecom.

> handles problems encountered with the Win32 port (both Windows 95/98 and
> Windows NT/2000 families) the same way as any other supported platforms.
s/as any/as on any/; s/platforms/platform/

> Apache 2.0 was developed in parallel on all currently supported platforms,
> and a greater proportion of the code is shared between all platforms than
> the Apache version 1.x family.  ASF continues to work to ensure that the
> Win32 port gains greater parity with the earliest supported Apache
"gains" -> "achieves"; "earliest supported" -> "more established". Your
wording makes it sound as if Apache/Win32 1.3.12 is trying to catch up
with the pre-1.0 builds ;-)

> implementations.

> Microsoft desgined the Windows 95/98 family as a consumer or client
> operating system.  In particular Windows 95 and 98 lack the security
> features found in the NT/2000 platforms.  ASF does not endorse the use of
+"Windows" as above. s/advise/recommend/

> Windows 95 or 98 as a server platform except for small-scale, protected
> environments (an isolated LAN intranet, for example, or for testing a
> prototype WWW site.)
> As with all Unix platforms, we advise Windows users to frequently review the
> OS vendor's security bulletins, available at
>, to assess and avert potential risks in
> the unprotected environment of the internet.
> Working within the Unix and NT communities, there will always be debates
> over which platform is better.  Both have proven themselves to be viable
> large volume transactional systems for specific applications when configured
> by competent engineers.  Each offers its own strengths and weaknesses.  Many
> on the Apache team do not use NT themselves, and there are a few
> distinctions between the systems that cannot be eliminated.  The Apache team
> includes NT advocates who work tirelessly to assure that the platform is
> well represented and supported.  As the entire Apache team is working to a
> common goal, flames about NT vs. Unix do not help argue the case for users'
> suggestions, bug reports or patch submissions.

+1 with the changes I suggest - except where did the advice on bug reports


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