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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject March 2000 Netcraft Web Server Survey (fwd)
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2000 21:11:53 GMT
Not bad.  Of course, it would be 0.91 percent higher if the
mod_x-httpd-php3_script were included in the Apache numbers.  Not that
the Apache gains are necessarily really due to real gains in 
the use of Apache, but that is another issue.

Does any standard module do ugly things like:

	Server: mod_x-httpd-php3_script Apache/1.3.11 (Unix)

or is that just a hack local to

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Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 21:03:00 GMT
From: Mike Prettejohn <>
Subject: March 2000 Netcraft Web Server Survey

         The March 2000 Netcraft Web Server Survey is out;


- Top placed developers with numbers of hosts responding and percentage share -

Developer                                     March 2000   Percent    Change
Apache                                          7870864     60.05      1.97
Microsoft                                       2742931     20.93     -1.00
iPlanet                                          955148      7.29     -0.48

- Top placed servers with numbers of hosts responding and percentage share -

Server                                        March 2000   Percent    Change
Apache                                          7870864     60.05      1.97
Microsoft-IIS                                   2739901     20.91     -0.99
Netscape-Enterprise                              909645      6.94     -0.41
Zeus                                             245255      1.87     -0.18
Rapidsite                                        234985      1.79     -0.10
thttpd                                           208536      1.59     -0.19
mod_x-httpd-php3_script                          119422      0.91      0.38
WebSitePro                                        94763      0.72     -0.09
Stronghold                                        81403      0.62     -0.11
WebSTAR                                           73734      0.56     -0.07

    Apache gains over a million sites in a month, reaches 60%, and releases
   Apache reached 60% of the sites found by this month's survey, a second
   consecutive all time high, with a gain of close to 1.4m million sites.
   This has coincided with the announcement of the first [1]alpha
   release of Apache/2.0 The new version has some notable [2]features
   including support for threads, which will likely provide a significant
   improvement in performance for some applications. Although there are
   already some sites running Apache/2.0-dev, the Apache core team are
   suggesting that the alpha release is for people interested in actively
   contributing to the project, while people that want a working www
   server should continue to use the 1.3 series, and indeed are following
   this advice [3]themselves.
   The recent [4]Apachecon conference in Orlando was by all accounts a
   big success attracting over 1000 delegates, with the [5]mod_perl
   sessions particularly well attended and presented. It closed with the
   announcement that the next conference will be held later this year in
   London from October 23-25th.
    Windows 2000
   Windows 2000 doubled its prelaunch figure of 20,000 sites to over
   40,000 sites during the month, and has overtaken AIX in terms of
   number of internet web sites. A number of busy financial content sites
   including [6]Motley Fool, [7]CBS Marketwatch, and [8]BigCharts have
   adopted the operating system over the past few weeks. However, the
   jury is still out on whether Windows 2000 will impact the established
   presence of Linux and Solaris at the largest hosting companies. So far
   the largest individual deployment is at [9]Interland which has a
   couple of thousand sites running Windows 2000 and Microsoft-IIS/5.0.
   Conversely, Microsoft has always done well in self hosted
   environments. In the [10].mil domain, where few sites are externally
   hosted, Microsoft-IIS leads with 43%.
    Verisign take control of Network Solutions
   During the month it was announced that Verisign would acquire Network
   Solutions in a share transaction which valued NSI at around $21bn.
   These two leading companies have provided services in different, but
   related, aspects of naming and identity on the Internet. Network
   Solutions' business can be seen in part as assigning Internet names to
   organisations and individuals, while VeriSign provides the means to
   verify that those names are being used by the correct entity, rather
   than an imposter. This deal will therefore make VeriSign the dominant
   company in services to establish identity on the Internet, and will
   mean that Verisign will have very nearly every significant business on
   the internet as its customer. This could provide a platform for the
   company to become the dominant provider of internet services to
   businesses on the internet, and, notwithstanding the very high price
   paid for NSI, it's surprising that Verisign's investors did not give
   the acquisition a more enthusiastic initial reception.
    BSDI and Walnut Creek merge
   BSDI and Walnut Creek also agreed a merger, reunifying the two most
   widely used BSD operating systems, [11]BSD/OS and [12]FreeBSD Although
   BSDI is the acquiring company, FreeBSD is comfortably the most widely
   deployed BSD operating system, with more sites than BSDI, more
   prestigious reference sites, including [13]Yahoo, [14]Linkexchange and
   the [15]Apache project, and much wider international adoption. In
   Japan until quite recently more sites ran FreeBSD than Linux. However
   in the US, BSD/OS has slightly more sites than FreeBSD.
    UK flat rate phone and internet service launches with congestion and
   During the month, [16]Telewest, now 30% owned by [17]Microsoft,
   launched the first flat rate inclusive local calls and internet
   service in the UK. The significance is that countries with unmetered
   internet access [principly the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand]
   seem to also lead the world on other per capita internet metrics, and
   some economists are suggesting that providing internet access without
   incremental charge is a straightforward way to stimulate the internet
   economies in other countries that are currently lagging behind.
   Unfortunately the launch has been badly [18]botched at a technical
   level with [19]high demand leading to prolonged network congestion,
   multiple routing failures and high packet loss on the Telewest network
   which is still continuing. Netcraft is a Telewest customer and access
   to has been affected throughout this period for which
   we apologise.
   Last month's survey announcement pointed out that was
   running Solaris. Many people at Compaq noticed this, and
   [20] is now running Tru64 UNIX.
   On a related note, it's notable that the Linux evangelism bandwagon is
   bringing in people more prepared to envangelise the operating system
   than run it themselves. At the last Linux Expo in London, more of the
   exhibitor companies were running Microsoft-IIS than Linux on their own
   sites. Recently queried sites on our server query form include;
   [21] which runs Solaris, while [22] is an
   early adopter of Windows 2000 along with the shortlived
   [23] and the parody domain names
   [24] and [25] However, contrary
   to what one might expect, [26] runs Linux.


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