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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject Re: Fwd: FYI -- gnats to bugzilla script // bugzilla e-mail recpt scrpt
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2000 23:52:19 GMT
On Thu, 16 Mar 2000 wrote:

> > -- a perl script to help import bugs from a GNATS 
> >                         database into a Bugzilla database.  Contributed by
> >                         Tom Schutter <>
> > 
> I was under the impression that we didn't want to import the 1.3 bugs into
> the 2.0 database.  I may be wrong, but that was my impression.  I have
> slowly been going throught the 1.3 bugs that we put into the suspend mode,
> to determine if they can or should be put into 2.0.  If anybody else is
> looking for something to do, this is a good place to find new projects.

Well fine, then don't call it the "2.0" database and that is no
problem.  <g>

It definitely makes sense to use a single platform for 1.3 and 2.0.  
There will be 1.3 bugs for a long time and we will have to maintain it for
a long time.  If it is in the same database as 2.0 or not (and that is a
function of the bugs platform and how well it handles such things), it
would still be great to have it using the same platform.  Especially if it
has more functionality and works better than gnats.

Now, I find bugzilla to be _way_ too busy and have way to much junk on the
editing pages to be able to use quickly, but that is a minor issue and
partly one of familiarity.

> > --  a perl script that can receive email containing
> >                         bug reports (email-interface). Contributed by
> >                         Klaas Freitag <>
> This would be nice to add ASAP.

Note that the most important thing is for bugzilla to send _out_ email
when PRs are created or changed.  Otherwise, people don't see them, don't
see responses, or know what is going on etc.  

Accepting bugs (well, really I think all we would want to accept is
updates to bugs, not new ones) via email (which is what the above script
claims to do, although I haven't looked at it) is secondary, especially
since bugzilla lets you add attachments.

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