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From "BIXBY,MARK (HP-Cupertino,ex1)" <>
Subject RE: Linux 2.3.99/2.4 Heads Up
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 16:58:11 GMT

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> From: Jim Jagielski []
> Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2000 2:56 PM
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> Subject: Re: Linux 2.3.99/2.4 Heads Up
> I'm tending to think that no one should be using SysV IPC. Shared
> mem is pretty good, but the rest of the SysV stuff is amazingly
> strange.

And Apache's support for USE_SYSVSEM_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT may actually be

I attempted to use this in 1.3.9 for MPE/iX, and -USR1 graceful restarts
would abort Apache because the semaphore was being freed during the restart
process (because accept_mutex_init registers accept_mutex_cleanup), then
when the children would re-spawn, the semaphore ID would no longer be valid,
and then main process would then terminate when the first child terminated
with a fatal error due to the semaphore problem.

Other than graceful restarts, SYSVSEM appeared to work OK.

I switched back to USE_FCNTL_SERIALIZED_ACCEPT and now even graceful
restarts work OK.

- Mark Bixby

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