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Subject Re: OS/390-, BS2000-, and TPF-specific files
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2000 17:05:56 GMT

> The EBCDIC is unrelated to http, so (IMO) this would be util_ebcdic.c. It
> definitely seems to be used in a few places, so having multiple copies
> seems prone to error. Platform-specific defines in util_ebcdic.c can
> handle the minor codepage variances that somebody mentioned earlier.

Simple tables or a util_ebcdic.c will certainly work for TPF.
So OS/390 and AS/400 have the more complex requirements.
I'm interested to hear what Martin has to say about BS2000.

> That will leave the uninteresting os-inline.c in each of those
> directories.  Does anyone know why these platforms have their own
> os-inline.c with the single function ap_os_is_path_absolute()?
> Doesn't that sound like APR material?

The ap_os_is_path_absolute function was in the os-inline.c that we copied
when we made the src/os/tpf directory.  It wasn't consciously added nor
customized for TPF.

David McCreedy

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