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Subject Re: OS/390-, BS2000-, and TPF-specific files
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2000 18:50:34 GMT

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|  Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 06:33:28 -0500
|  Message-Id: <200003231133.GAA07220@k5.localdomain>
|  From: Jeff Trawick <>
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|  Subject: Re: OS/390-, BS2000-, and TPF-specific files
|  > Tables don't work on all platforms.  Specifically, AS/400 has
|  > said they can't just use tables.
|  Oops...  Rob?  What is implemented now?  If you need to have non-SBCS
|  working in the next few months, then I won't be so gung ho on the
|  simplest possible solution.  If it is a theoretical need for the
|  future, then OS/390 is in the same boat, though for OS/390 I'd expect
|  that nobody cares until Apache runs very well in general.
Yes, non-SBCS will be needed.  In our "beta" we implemented iconv().  We
are currently looking at some different options here because of performance
problems.  It gets expensive to continue doing iconv_open().  One option is
to cache some of the more used conversion tables like, for instance, ASCII
819/EBCDIC 37.  This is still in the preliminary stages.

Let me give you some general idea of what we are dealing with.  The request
comes in ASCII 819.  Our server job has a code page (EBCDIC) associated
with it.  The system itself has a code page (EBCDIC but not necessarily the
same as the server job) associated with it.  Each file is "tagged" with a
code page and they could be anything.  CGI output could come to us in
different code pages depending on how the author wrote and compiled the CGI
program.  I could get into a lot more detail but this give you a general
idea.  Someone said in an earlier note that we are opening a Pandora's box.
He's right but in our situation it's a box that must be opened.

Rob Simonson
AS/400 Apache Web Server Team

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