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Subject APR locking schemes
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2000 22:33:51 GMT
I've been looking at APR locking schemes and found something confusing.  In
apr/locks/unix/locks.c there is the following code in function

       if (type != APR_CROSS_PROCESS) {
           if ((stat = create_intra_lock(new)) != APR_SUCCESS) {
               return stat;
           return APR_ENOTIMPL;
       if (type != APR_INTRAPROCESS) {
           if ((stat = create_inter_lock(new)) != APR_SUCCESS) {
               return stat;

APR_CROSS_PROCESS and APR_INTRAPROCESS are defined in arp_lock.h as values
for scope enum not a type. It looks to me that this code is trying to
compare a type variable with a scope value.  Is this right?


Rob Simonson

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