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From Greg Marr <>
Subject Re: [patch:revision] APR 2.0 - linkage mechanisms
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2000 16:52:25 GMT
At 11:31 AM 03/28/2000, Bill Stoddard wrote:
>Could you give an overview if this patch?

Somehow I missed the original posting of this.  This is, I believe, 
the start of patches for the DSPs that I posted last week.

William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
>Also, there are *no* makefiles included.  Would the committer please 
>gen them?  In the meantime, I will look at why my devstudio wants to 
>add absolute paths.  Funny thing, just when I got the Platform SDK 
>question fixed (just add those new system header names to 
>sysincl.dat in the sharedide/bin folder.  No problem.)
>Is anyone *not* in favor of eliminating the .mak files and invoking 
>line) msdev from instead?

Ah, I knew there was a way to build from just the DSPs, but I 
couldn't find it.  Thanks for the pointer William.

I'm definitely in favor of doing command line builds this way, to 
eliminate the generated mak files, as long as it will work properly 
with project dependencies, and doesn't significantly impact build 
times.  I can't test this at all right now, but I will give it a shot 

Greg Marr
"We thought you were dead."
"I was, but I'm better now." - Sheridan, "The Summoning"

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