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From Harrie Hazewinkel <>
Subject Re: UDP support in APR/network_io
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 04:27:18 GMT

Sorry for a delay int his thread. I was travelling. wrote:
> >
> > For instance, it is not possible to "poll" or "do a select"
> > on pipes and sockets in 1 time. Why, because they use different
> > apr-types (ap_file_t and ap_socket_t).
> This was a concious decision, because some platforms don't support this
> operation.

I can understand the concious decision part, but I believe 
that somehow similar functionality should be provided by APR.

So if I have a process that needs to wait on OR IPC-input or UDP-input
(in my case) I cannot do this in APR?? I believe APR should.
If some platforms don't support this. It would require additional
code and it should be done under an APR function.
On most unixes it would be easy on the others not, but then it
needs more coding.

> This isn't true.  The way to do this, is not call Unix Domain Sockets part
> of the network_I/O section.  Unix Domain Sockets are used for IPC, as are
> pipes on Windows.  The solution is to create a new APR type, apr_ipc_t,
> which uses the correct mechanism on each platform.

But then the "poll" or "select" needs to accept 2 different types.

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