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From Jon Travis <>
Subject DSO Patch 1 of 3 (+ commentary!)
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2000 23:28:57 GMT
Ok, so this is my first post to new-httpd, might as well jump in with
some source.  I've been writing a module for apache-2.0, and it would be
EXTREMELY handy to have dso support working, so I decided to get it in
such a state.  There were a number of things that I noticed along the

    1)  The DSO code should really not be in src/os, but instead be in
    2)  The DSO code needed a bit of cleanup, especially with respect to
types and global variables.
    3)  These patches should be considered preliminary, with a lot more
additions in the future.  I think we can do much better on the error
checking and reporting.
    4)  I tried to 'port' certain platforms, such as OS/2 and BeOS.  I
don't have any machines to compile these on, so they code is sitting
there, and it looks good to my eye, but who knows what the compiler will
say.  I leave it up to the respective OS owners to help us out with

The patches that are to be made are independent of each other, though
are really only functional if all are applied.  In order, they are:

apr.diff:  This patch provides changes to the APR library to support the
new DSO calls.  I think that APR is definitely the place to be putting
all the DSO code, as it is extremely system dependent.  Side Note:
APR_EINIT was used as an error code, primarily because I could not find
a more suitable error code.  Also -- it would be nice if we had
assertion capabilities within apr.

libtool.diff:  This patch adds the libltdl library to the compile tree
(for libtool API).  In addition, it adds the -export-dynamic flag to the
linker, so that modules can reference symbols from within the loading

os.diff:  Removes (OS/2, BeOS, UNIX) DSO support from src/os.

I am definitely open to as much critisism as the group is willing to
give me (I've been on the list for a while, so I know it's possible to
get enough.. ;-) )

-- Jon Travis

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