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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Re: [PATCH]:Limiting Connections Per IP.
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2000 07:42:21 GMT
The idea is good, but sometimes, with specific browsers and very
complex pages (usually with complex frames and so on), deadlocks may
happen. Nothing too serious, except for the fact that the time which
will be needed to load these pages may become slower in a factor of
dozens (!).

I write it because I already experienced such a phenomenon (if you
are curious to know when, I can tell, although it is off-topic: I
tried to test a module of me, under NT, before I ported it to support
multi-threading. So I set ThreadsPerChild to 1, and noticed that

So my suggestion is to adopt it, but set DEFAULT_MAX_DAEMONS_BY_IP to
2 by default, rather than 1. From my experience, some pages may be
loaded thanks to this change, 300%-400% faster (although some of you
may think that it can't improve more than 100%).

In addition, you may think about the option to limit the number not
only per IP, but also per a *class* of IPs. The size of the class can
be set by directives too (I suggest to turn this option to off by
default, and when it is on - to set the size of the class to
by default (i.e. block of 16 IPs)).

Eli Marmor

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