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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: New Comanche version
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2000 06:28:54 GMT wrote:
> > > During the past months I have been working on a new version of Comanche that
> > > will be released at ApacheCon next week. As a teaser, I have put some
> > Cool.  I have been going a lot of thinking about this problem...  In
> > fact what I have been thinking about is way bigger than Apache in
> > general.
> >
> > What is comanche currently written in?  Last I checked it was TCL/TK.
> > Any thoughts about porting this to Java?
> One of the goals of Comanche is that you can write your plugins using
> whatever language you want (and eventually rewrite the core or the user
> interface without affecting the rest of the system). This is what the focus
> is going to be next. The two main goals is to make it simple, really simple
> (so people learning curve is reduced and is easy to implement) and that is
> language independent, so people can cooperate.

Hm.  Can you ellaborate?  The goals are good but what is your IMPL.  It
would be good to see the code so I can get a better feel on what you are
talking about.

The problem is that X-language projects usually don't work without doing
it right.  Interesting though.

> > Also can I get the source?  Btw.. see you at ApacheCon! :)
> Of course! I am still working on the finishing details, and will release it in a few
> days at Apachecon.
> I am going to add a BOF session for XML configuration of Apache to get
> together and talk about these topics.
> See you there!

Yes you will.  It isn't just Apache either.  It is everything.  What is
needed is a GUI what you feed an XML schema (and maybe another xml doc
for misc description).  The GUI would then allow you to build an XML
document that complies with the schema. 

After this we should be able to have a GUI for everything. 
Jakarta/Apache/Cocoon/Jetspeed etc.  Anything that defines an XML schema
and has a configuration that can be mapped to an XML document (or

I will probably see you at the BOF so we can talk there.


Kevin A Burton (
Message to SUN:  "Open Source Java!"
"For evil to win is for good men to do nothing."

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