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From Manoj Kasichainula <>
Subject Re: 2.0 performance
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2000 22:39:16 GMT
On Thu, Mar 23, 2000 at 03:38:47PM -0600, Me at IO wrote:
> -1 on MPL 1.0. -0.99 on MPL 1.1.

I've been asked for explanation. BTW, s/MPL/NPL/g above.

NPL 1.0 is bad because of the patent problems that have been discussed
on the list before. While I don't care for software patents as a rule,
it would be too much of a barrier for companies to be potentially
required to license *all* their patents just to contribute to that
section of code.

I'm also against accepting an NPL 1.1 MPM. What good is putting the
Apache license on most of the code if a critical component is under a
different license?

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