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From James G Smith <JGSm...@JameSmith.Com>
Subject Re: Server auto-reconfiguration
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2000 14:52:58 GMT wrote:
>On 21 Mar 00, at 20:53, James G Smith wrote:
>> What ACAP gives us is a way of addressing the configuration items, even
>> if we don't use the ACAP syntax -- they've already had to think of how
>> to name everything - those issues transcend the particular sequence of
>> bits used to represent the entities.
>I'm not sure that you should even just lock in ACAP. I'm also not 
>one to say that we should lock in LDAP, XML, etc. I do know that 
>I'd rather try my luck with LDAP or something like XML-RPC than 
>ACAP at the moment because more people out there have built 
>things like this with LDAP or XML (e.g. Tomcat) than ACAP. I'd be 
>more concerned if this became something part of the core of 
>Apache than an optional module. 

Actually, I was thinking `configuration' -> `communication' ->
`serialization' -> `protocol' -> `ACAP', with ACAP being where
they have had to deal with those issues.  I would not want to
see ACAP itself implemented internally.  I'm only thinking of
issues such as default behavior and namespaces.  I'm somewhat
more comfortable with the way ACAP does namespaces (as URL-like
strings) than LDAP/DAP, though I can see where one could argue
for the DAP/LDAP form.  Either way, the actual API will be using
some #define's and asciiz strings instead of a wire protocol.

Hope this alleviates some fears.
James Smith - |

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