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From "David Reid" <>
Subject RE: hook registration & DSO reloads
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 16:57:04 GMT
The patch fixes a problem I've been having running Apache 2.0 under the 
debugger on BeOS, so +1 from me.

>> > > Before we accept this patch, can we figure out why we need/want 
>> > > pre-config hook?
>>>> This patch fixes a problem that the pre-config hook happend to 
choke on.
>>>> The problem remains, even if we ditch the pre-config hook.
>>> Huh?  What else chokes on this?
>>The problem is not just with pre_config hools. The problem affects 
all DSO
>>hooks.  I made several posts a month or so ago about this.  Because 
>>config file pre-flight reading during start-up, DSOs are loaded, 
>>registered, unloaded (but hooks not unregistered, which is the 
>>loaded then registered again.  So there are registered hook pointers
>>pointing to routines in unloaded DSOs. This is a problem.
>Yep, this patch is independant of the pre-config hook question. 
>It fixes the dangling DSO function pointer problem by clearing out 
>the hook registration arrays and re-registering the static hooks
>between reads of the config files. 
>It would have been nice to just de-register the DSO hooks but that 
>is a harder problem, and just clearing everything out is a simpler
>IMHO this needs to go in before the next alpha.

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