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From James G Smith <>
Subject Apache auto-reconfiguration discussions
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 04:09:15 GMT
Considering that the set of people interested in the Apache 
reconfiguration project is not a proper subset of those 
interested in subscribing to new-httpd, and those on new-httpd 
are not all interested in the details of the project, a mailing 
list has been setup for those wanting to discuss the details of 
the definition and implementation.  Periodic progress reports 
will be made to new-httpd for those that might be interested in 
following the development, but would rather not be involved in 
the day-to-day discussions.  This list also means we don't have 
to keep track in our aliases file of who is currently discussing 
the project.

As details become more settled, they will be placed on a web 
page.  An archive of the list will also be made available.

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James Smith - |

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