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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] let ap_open() work on Win9x
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2000 21:35:59 GMT
> > . perhaps change ap_get_oslevel() so you can ask does this have NT 
> >   functionality or not?  Win32's GetVersionEx() lets us ask the right 
> >   question without getting into the details of which release; we
> >   don't want to end up with various code that has to be changed when
> >   Microsoft updates Win2K or Win98
> I don't understand what you want to do to ap_get_oslevel.  Perhaps if you
> could explain the new prototype and the what it allows us to do.
> Ryan

I misread the code.  Sorry!  The current structure *does* tell us
whether or not we have the NT capabilities.  I thought originally that
it would need to change to return yet another value (APR_WIN_2K?) for 
Win2K and that callers would have to change their logic.

  level set by ap_get_oslevel()        platform      version
  -----------------------------        --------      -------
  APR_WIN_NT                           NT            don't know (NT or WIN2K)
  APR_WIN_95                           toy Windows   Win95
  APR_WIN_98                           toy Windows   Win98

Have fun...
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