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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: [Patch] for ALL compilations
Date Sun, 19 Mar 2000 02:00:05 GMT
It looks much nicer, but I can only build the debug version 
with it.  I think that the section quoted below, the assignment of
SHORT and LONG is not associated with the target (_release
or _debug) because there is no indention.



So once you pass this section, SHORT and LONG are always set to the
values for a debug build.  I have VC++ 5.0.  I don't know if it
differs based on which nmake is used.  Is it happening this way on
your system as well?  If so, some var can be set externally (e.g.,
nmake /f Makefile.nt DEBUG=1) with conditional logic internally to set 
SHORT and LONG to the right values based on whether or not the
external variable is set.

As an aside... in Makefile.nt, the clean invocation for ap.mak

  cd ap
   nmake /nologo CFG="ap - Win32 $(LONG)" -f ap.mak clean
  cd ..

should be uncommented.

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