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From James G Smith <>
Subject Re: Server auto-reconfiguration
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2000 05:48:53 GMT
I'd rather not think about the actual implementation at this point 
so I don't get bogged down in the details that might limit what I 
think we can do with this.  That doesn't mean we want to create a 
bloated piece of code, though.  Actually, I would like to create 
something that takes a minimum amount of memory when not used (or 
used, for that matter).

With that in mind, and with a bit more thought, I think the 
following reference might be handy: RFC 2244: ACAP -- Application 
Configuration Access Protocol.   While I don't want to embed an
ACAP client or server, I think some of the issues faceing us in
the API design have been dealt with in this RFC - namely, the
serialization of the process over a connection (e.g., TCP/IP).

However, this is even more complex than I'm wanting to start with.
First, I think we can get by with a configuration api available in
the parent process (or equivalent) which allows the dynamic
reconfiguration.  This does not involve any IPC.  We could also,
with very little overhead, make available a hook to allow code
to be run in the parent process as it manages the children and
connections.  This hook could be used to provide for self
configuration as well as IPC to allow for web-based configuration.

Getting back the the ACAP idea -- maybe we could do an ACAP-lite.
We don't need authentication, quotas, or ACLs.  We also don't want
a text-based protocol over IPC, since both client and server parts
would be fairly well integrated.  This basically boils down to a
messaging protocol between child and parent processes - or the
equivalents in other models.
James Smith - |

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