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From James G Smith <>
Subject Server auto-reconfiguration
Date Sun, 12 Mar 2000 23:55:37 GMT
While at ApacheCon, several tired people got together late at 
night and came up with the idea of allowing Apache to reconfigure 
itself without requiring a rewrite of the conf file or a signal.

This would allow the server not only to react to changes in the 
network and request environment, but also allow for the creation
of a simple web-based configuration handler.

Concerning the web-based configuration, this would be good for
those users which are not savvy enough to edit the config files
by hand or install and run Comanche -- install the binary, run
it, and point a browser at it.  This would be useful for simple
configurations, not all aspects of configuration at this point.

Several people are interested on working on various aspects of
this.  The question to the list is, Is this a hairbrained idea?
If so, why?  (I might learn something important from the reasons.)

Details such as the persistance of the configuration changes
and communication mechanisms are still vague at this point, but
are recognized as problems requiring a solution.  The work would
be based on the Apache 2.0 tree.
James Smith - |

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