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From Jim Winstead <>
Subject Re: 2.0 bug reports
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2000 06:15:44 GMT
On Mar 11, Martin Pool wrote:
> I'm not saying Bugzilla is perfect, but it's arguably the best thing going.

Well, someone at the PHP BOF today at Apachecon pointed out the
bug database used for the PHP project is actually fairly nice.
Its pretty bare-bones, but some people might consider that a feature.
Bugzilla is definitely on the clunky side.

> I'm pretty interested in improving the available free
> issue/problem/bug/task tracking software and using that to help out
> Apache.  For example, I'm happy to help get Bugzilla into working
> order and to enhance it to add the things the httpd group wants that
> are missing.  I'd like to know for sure first that Bugzilla is
> actually the one you want to use.

I know Brian appears to have some plans with this in connection
with Tigris (, although this crappy net connection
won't actually let me view web stuff so I can check to see if
there's relevant content up there yet).

One epiphany I had today is that the really missing component is
a simple (but extensible) database schema for handling such a system
so people could implement their own front-ends on top of it (using
Java servlets or applications, PHP, Perl, email handlers, IRC bots,

I think having that core defined would allow more interesting
related projects than any single system tied to particular
implementation details like database engine or language.


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