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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Win Build System
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2000 14:27:18 GMT
What problem are we fixing with these changes?


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From: Greg Marr <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 22, 2000 10:28 PM
Subject: Win Build System

> Here's a new set of VC++ projects and a workspace for people to take shots
> I made the following changes, and I'd like to hear people's comments on
> them.  Each of the four changes listed requires all of the changes listed
> before it, but none of the ones listed after it.
> 1) There is a workspace containing all of the DSPs that were listed in
> 2) The projects do not explicitly link against each other using full paths
> in the Link options.  Instead, a project links against another one by
> having the other project as a dependency.
> 3) The intermediate and output directories have been set to be in a
> directory/tree that is located at the same level as the src
> directory.  This is a method I use very effectively at work.  It allows a
> clean to be done simply by deleting the "build" directory.  It also keeps
> most of the generated files out of the main source tree, making CVS usage
> easier.
> 4) The install makefile (Install.mak) doesn't list any modules or support
> executables by name, it just copies all DLLs from the
> Build/Bin/[Debug|Release]/Modules directory to INSTDIR/modules, and all
> EXEs from Build/Bin/[Debug|Release]/Support to the INSTDIR/bin
> directory.  (Apache, ApacheCore and AprLib are still listed explicitly)
> Inserting a new module into the build:
> Insert the module's project into the workspace, make the project dependant
> on ApacheCORE and aprlib (assuming it uses them).  Then, make Apache
> dependant on the module.  The module should be set to not generate a lib.
> Inserting a support EXE into the build: (rotatelogs, htpasswd, etc)
> Insert the EXE's project into the workspace and make the Apache project
> dependant on the new project.
> To build Apache from DevStudio without installing, build the Apache
> project.  To build it and then install it, build the ApacheInstall
> project.  To set INSTDIR, go to the Project Settings-General tab for the
> ApacheInstall project.
> Most of has been replaced, but all 7 of the targets listed at
> the top are still intact, so the method of building from the command line
> has not changed.
> The DSPs are currently marked as version 6.0, but the changes from 5.0 are
> minimal, and I can easily bring them back down to 5.0 if that is deemed
> necessary.
> I couldn't get ModRewrite or InstallDll to build, so I left them out of
> dependencies.

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