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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: Time for a 2.0o alpha.
Date Thu, 02 Mar 2000 06:50:10 GMT
> Things I'd like to see done before an alpha
> - Eliminate the old configuration system, and move the new one down a
>   level, so that we aren't even more confusing than 1.3 and cding into
>   src isn't required to build
> - Fix the stupid chunking bug. I'd like to fix this before
>   the alpha release because I imagine that 3rd-party module developers
>   will start porting their work to 2.0 once they see an alpha, and I'd
>   like to give them a fighting chance.
> - Finish the module hook porting. We still have entries in the module
>   table that ought to be hookified.
See the STATUS file. There are a load of things to do, not all necessary for
an alpha. Of course, I have my hands full doing the Apache 2.0 for Windows
thing (I need to rewrite the MPM to make it cleaner and more maintainable
among other things). I've been updating the STATUS file as I see problems.

BTW, I have code (not checked in yet) that will more than double the static
page serving performance of Apache on Windows as compared to Apache 1.3.
E.g., serving a 500 byte file goes from 419 cps to 1088 cps (w/o keep-alive)
on my test machine. I'll discuss the advanced Windows network APIs I am
using during my ApacheCon talk. Linux is going to kick butt when it gets a
zero copy sendfile() :-)


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