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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: [patch] APR 2.0 - linkage mechanisms
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2000 03:26:53 GMT
I know this has been mentioned before, but I'll mention it again... we
really need to see smaller, self contained patches. I have spent a fair
amount of time looking at this set of patches and I still can't say I
completely understand where you are going or what you are trying to
accomplish.  Patches submitted to the list need to be -very- focused; don't
try to solve multiple problems with a single patch.

> I really hope this makes the comparison manageable.

Sorry, it doesn't.

> On windows though, they
> are all intertwined.  Here is the stratagy:
> *** The following changes affect all platforms ***
> 1) Delete apr_win.h and apr_winconfig.h from distrbution.  Stop using
> Win32 now clones apr.hw and apr_config.hw for the proper apr.h and
> apr_config.h files.

I thing I grok what you are trying to accomplish here and am +1 for it.
However, no one has time to sift through multiple patches to distill this
one change. Where doess the copy happen? Point me to the code.

> 18) WinTimeToUnixTime is gone (unlucky bugger).  The functions are now
> FileTimeToUnixTime and FileTimeToAprTime, and neither is exported.
> WinTime?  Which of the dozen are we talking about :-?  Saving several
> divides, we now work from 100NS units straight to ap_file_t or file_t.
> 19) delete timetest.c - FileTimeToUnixTime is now in time.c with it's
> friends.  Looks might we are already overboard with possible dup
> but that wasn't what I was cleaning for.

Both of these were on my todo list. It would have been much easier for
reviewers if this were submitted as a self contained patch.  Since I was
looking at the code, I made the changes.

> 21) The dll's .def file now carries a version, a base address and
> description.

I'd really like to see this as a seperate patch.

> 22) ap_oslevel_t now has gaps to define additional sub-revisions (if we
> later find we need them for specific api calls), the versions are now
> sequential for easier feature testing (>= NT can catch NT2K and avoid 9X)

Easy to grok.

> 23) Adopted Greg Marr's <> Apache.dsw to make the big
> picture easier to read.  It isn't told about logresolve.dsp, which doesn't
> exist, htdigest.dsp, which is broken, or the broken Modules.

Warming up on this one as well.

> 24) Every module in (except aprlib) is set with RECURSE=0 so
> are still in total control of the build flow, and no extra NMAKEs are
> invoked.   Since only aprlib should ever know how to build the standard
> apr.lib, aprlib it told RECURSE=1.  Later we will build apr.lib with a
> Standalone target, but the modules using it will have to target Win32
> Standalone as well.



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