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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject [Patch 2.0] Win32 Build Structure
Date Mon, 20 Mar 2000 18:44:13 GMT
apache-2.0.diffs address all of the following from the weekend:

1) makefile.nt builds within 95/98/NT
2) removes all precompiled header flags
3) builds logresolve, htpasswd, htdigest
4) fixed dirty build of htpasswd to deposit it's results
   into Debug - Release directories.
5) deposits copy of aprlib.dll to @@ServerRoot@@/bin for 
   htpasswd and htdigest.
6) CHANGES for this and the COMSPEC resolution

Post cvs update steps...

1) Add attached logresolve dsp/mak files 
   into apache-2.0/src/support
2) Rename makefile.nt to
3) Kill makefile_win32.txt and makefile_win32_debug.txt


1) Don't try aprlib.dll on installdll unless we want
   the headache - either strip ap_snprintf requirements,
   plan on linking in aprlib.dll to installdll (yuck),
   or tightly bind to the c code (not pleasent either).

2) Test logresolve.exe (builds - echos - not sure it
   actually resolves anything.  But it doesn't hurt 
   anything either).

3) Review aprlib.dll location for 'best practices'.
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