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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject RE: Replacement of WARNING.NT proposed - side thread
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2000 21:25:38 GMT
If what James and I propose is a windows-read-me.txt - then I agree with
Ryan's proposal, provided we change the name to WARNING-WIN-95-98.TXT.

Please see my additional ideas inline.  Remember who many of our 95/98 users
are, so we need to keep this language pretty basic.

I will wait till the end of the day Monday to push for these two changes to
be committed, so we can hear any additional feedback.

> From: []On Behalf Of
> I think I've missed something.  This doesn't really say
> anything new.  I
> think if we are going to replace the WARNING-NT.TXT file, it should be
> with something simple like:
> WARNING:  Although the Win32 release of Apache has been brought up to the

s/Apache has been brought up/Apache 2.0 is engineered to/

> same standard as the Unix release, we do not recommend using it on the
> Win9X series in a production environment.  These platforms were not

s/Win9X series/Windows 95 or 98 operating systems/

s/platforms/consumer systems/

> designed as server platforms, and do not support some of the features
> required for a flexible, secure server.  These platforms are
> well suited for testing the server and cgi-scripts.

s/cgi-scripts/developing web sites/
a/Please refer to the file win32-read-me.txt file for more specific

> That's enough to let people know that the Win32 release is
> finally up to
> snuff, and that we are supporting Win9X, but we don't recommend using
> them, because they may not be full-featured.
> Ryan
> On Sat, 4 Mar 2000, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> > Pre Alpha-2.0 - would anyone else (esp. Mr. Stoddard &
> other big Win32
> > contributors) please comment aye or nay (or at least offer
> changes.)  If we
> > will really be releasing a solid Win32 build this time,
> it's time for
> > WARNING-NT to go.
> >
> > Replace WARNING-NT.TXT with a new WIN32-READ-ME.TXT (rev
> 0.13) proposed by
> >       James Sutherland []
> >       William A. Rowe, Jr. []

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