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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject [patch] NT Build (mak/dsp) to remove precompiled headers
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2000 15:12:55 GMT
Attached is the patch to the NT VC DevStudio make/project files to
_eliminate_ precompiled headers from the NT build.

At this point, we don't appear to be able to standardize the header include
sequence (even the first two) - so this is an _incredible_ waste of 40MB+ to
build small executables, without the speed advantage intended by the

If we _were_ to do so later (after the benefit of Manoj's rearranged
headers), we would probably only reenable this feature in the ApacheCore.dll
and aprlib.dll builds, and perhaps a single 'common' precompiled header for
all the external ApacheModule*.dll builds.

Would an NT poster be so kind as to apply and commit?  Once Manoj's headers
update is complete, I will review the entire package for IMPORT/EXPORT
situations and address them, in a completely portable manner,
recognizing -dAPACHE_CORE_BUILD or -dAPACHE_CORE_DLL, or the absense of both
(Unix situations).

[First]Bill, if you are attacking aprlib.dll, we can play the same game
with -dAPR_LIB_BUILD and -dAPR_LIB_DLL (so it _can_ be linked into the core,
if someone else likes).  For everyone else, we just keep empty defines and
keep the C parser happy.  Note we can spare ourselves from maintaining
symbol names in the NT .def file (such a deal!) once the compiler exports
this data to the linker consistently.


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