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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject Re: AddDefaultCharset?
Date Sat, 12 Feb 2000 22:20:25 GMT
According to Marc Slemko:

>  Except that it doesn't just set the default for some setting.
>  It changes the behaviour to expressly adds a charset if none is present.  
>  That is different from DefaultType, which is the default that is sent
>  anyway, etc.  ie. this option enables (ie. "adds") the adding of a default
>  charset as opposed to just setting a default that is always used.

Ok I see your point, but if I set DefaultType to a specific mime type it is
only used if a requested resource has no known mime type. IMHO this is more
or less the same like setting (adding) the default charset which is used
if a resource has an unknown charset.

>  I think the "default" part of the name speaks quite clearly for the fact
>  that you can only add one...

My main point was that all other Add* directives can be used multiple
times within a single context. But the idea behind AddDefaultCharset
is to using it just once within a specific context.

Lars Eilebrecht            - Imagination is the one weapon in the war           - against reality. (Jules de Gaultier)

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