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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject interest in bundling test suite into Apache 2?
Date Tue, 29 Feb 2000 09:53:05 GMT

(posting from my address instead of to try and
maintain that chinese wall)

So, a couple of months ago a test suite for Apache was written and
completed as the first successful project on sourceXchange.  The URL to
the completed code is

Ben Laurie acted as the peer reviewer on the project.

I'd be curious as to what you all thought of the code, and, if you
generally liked it, what you'd think about adopting it as an ASF testing
tool.  It's written very generically, and I believe the author (Chang Liu)
would be positively inclined to donate it to the ASF outright (it uses the
Apache license already).  It doesn't necessarily make sense to bundle with
Apache 2.0 or anything, but then again it's only 100K gzipped.

Anyways, let us (me, Collab.Net, Chang Liu, or this list) know what you


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