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From Greg Stein <>
Subject apxs continuing problem
Date Sat, 19 Feb 2000 10:36:39 GMT
I've been getting reports for probably the past year about a problem in
APXS. It seems that when it is built, the CFG_LD_SHLIB line ends up empty.
Something like:

my $CFG_LD_SHLIB      = '';        # substituted via Makefile.tmpl

It seems to happen here and there for unknown reasons. I haven't been able
to find a pattern at all in the reports, nor have I ever seen it myself.

Has anybody ever seen this? Anybody know why?

I've always been suspicious that people didn't build Apache with shared
module support, and noted that in my install doc where it talks about this
APXS problem. People have sent me "httpd -l" lists showing mod_so in

This latest report was from a Linux RedHat 6.1 system on a SparcServer
1000. The guy said "nothing exotic".

(I've got a 6.1 system on an x86 box and it works fine)

Anybody seen this?


Greg Stein,

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