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From Fabien COELHO <>
Subject Re: XML configuration for Apache 2.0? Proposal.
Date Mon, 14 Feb 2000 09:32:29 GMT

> I have been trying to pay attention to the Apache 2.0 progression. 
> However, I am not up-to-date as must of you so excuse me if this has
> been discussed.
> The Apache configuration really leads itself to XML. 

No it doesn't;-)

> Has the configuration for Apache 2.0 changed to support XML? 
> Specifically because with XML Schema I really think this will lend
> itself to a GUI based configuration fairly easily.
> This would be a good bootstrap into someday configuring Apache with raw
> XML instead of the current format. 

Sure, but it would also rule out "human ascii-based file configuration",
which must not be broken IMVHO. XML is good for automatic processing, but
you don't want to write this by hand. Moreover XML put constraints on the
lexical stuff in configuration directives, which do not hold at the time.

> Thoughts?

Don't use XML for configuring apache. Parse and generate directives 
from a GUI. Or write a "converter" if you want to.

I hope that your suggestion, which has already been discussed, won't make
it to apache. And I'll take every opportunity to express my strong

Fabien Coelho ___ ___

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