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Subject Re: 2.0 on UNIX gets SIGSEGV if no SysV semaphores avail
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2000 16:31:28 GMT

>APR is not tied to Apache, and therefore does not know about
>the Apache log.

That makes perfect sense to me, but I'm concerned about the loss of

A log entry that says semget() failed (probably with the unfortunate text
"No space left on device" but perhaps with the text "Function not
implemented" if you built your *BSD or Linux kernel by hand but had no
business doing so) will put the administrator on the right track, or at
least provide useful input to google.

The callers can't make that leap because they don't/shouldn't know that a
SysV semaphore is being used, and it becomes hard to put something in the
log that would put the administrator on the right track.

Perhaps an apr app could optionally provide a call-back function to apr,
which would then be used to log certain types of errors?

Jeff Trawick,
IBM SecureWay (nee' eNetwork) Software Support:
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