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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Could Apache act as it's own config tool?
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2000 11:25:53 GMT
"Kevin A. Burton" wrote:

> IMO the idea is good but doesn't work in real life.  I mean what if you
> totally broke your Apache config (humans still make mistakes that no
> computer can out-guess).  Then you couldn't ever configure Apache again!

This is a concern, but not impossible to work around.

At best, such a configuration editor would be a module compiled as part
of Apache so it would be available even if the config was missing. A
command line option would be all that was necessary to define an IP
address and port (defaulting to perhaps localhost:80) to listen on if
the config was missing. Obviously a mechanism for password protecting it
in some manner would be needed, but that wouldn't be too hard either.

It's doable.

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