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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject Apache Hits all Time High (was: A Wired article)
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2000 14:55:55 GMT
Rodent of Unusual Size wrote:

> <,1367,34302,00.html?tw=wn20000214>

Nice, but the real (good) news is the following:
         The February 2000 Netcraft Web Server Survey is out;


          Netcraft is recruiting for several new openings



          Web Server Survey goes past 10 million sites
          Over a million new sites found
          Apache hits all time high 
          Netscape rebrands as iPlanet
          Windows 2000 has more sites at launch than HP-UX
 runs Solaris, Apache, Postfix
 runs an Apple operating system once more

- Top placed developers with numbers of hosts responding and percentage share -

Developer                                     February 2000 Percent    Change
Apache                                          6482728     58.08      2.59
Microsoft                                       2447645     21.93     -0.99
iPlanet                                          867265      7.77      0.00

- Top placed servers with numbers of hosts responding and percentage share -

Server                                        February 2000 Percent    Change
Apache                                          6482728     58.08      2.59
Microsoft-IIS                                   2444172     21.90     -0.98
Netscape-Enterprise                              820930      7.35      0.04
Zeus                                             228457      2.05      0.04
Rapidsite                                        211439      1.89     -0.02
thttpd                                           198310      1.78     -0.14
WebSitePro                                        90911      0.81     -0.06
Stronghold                                        81290      0.73      0.02
WebSTAR                                           70681      0.63     -0.04
mod_x-httpd-php3_script                           58907      0.53     -0.08

    Over a million new sites found this month
   This month, the number of sites found by the web server survey
   exceeded 10,000,000 rising by over a million from last month. Part of
   this is the effect of the Christmas period and Year 2000 planning
   which depressed the numbers of new sites during December. Even so, a
   million new sites in a month seems a huge number; for comparison the
   survey reached a million sites in total in [1]April 1997.

    Apache hits all time high
   Apache hit a new high this month, with some 58% of the internet's web
   sites now running on Apache. Part of the gain came from [2]Planet
   moving to Apache/1.3.11 from a locally modified and rebranded earlier
   version of Apache with a customised server signature. Planet hosts
   well over 100,000 sites including the UK's largest dialup ISP,
   [3]Freeserve. The [4]Apache conference is to be held early next
   month in Florida from 8-10th March.

    Netscape rebrands as iPlanet
   [5]Netscape recently contacted us and asked if their servers could be
   grouped as iPlanet rather than Netscape, as that is now the brand that
   the Sun-Netscape Alliance uses for server software products. The group
   has also started replacing the Netscape name from web server
   signatures, with iPlanet-WebServer-Enterprise/4.1 becoming the
   successor to Netscape-Enterprise/4.0. In some ways it recognises the
   end of an era, and a repositioning that has implicitly been in place
   for several years moving the company from web server to electronic
   commerce server. During 1995 Netscape was comfortably the company with
   the most momentum on the internet, but its share of web sites peaked
   in early 1996, as it conceded the volume hosting market to Apache, and
   the self hosted sites market to Microsoft. Netscape's residual
   strength, and that of Sun has been in high volume sites, and it's not
   likely to be coincidental that iPlanet's web site is headed Ecommerce
   Solutions rather than web servers.
   One area that it is particularly strong in is brokerage sites, where
   most of the leaders including [6]Schwab, [7]Etrade, and [8]Fidelity
   all currently run Solaris and Netscape-Enterprise.

    Vertical markets
   Just as iPlanet is the favoured choice of leading brokerages, some
   other industries also have polarised towards particular vendors. One
   significant concentration is in internet retail, where Microsoft has
   50% or more of both the [9] and [10]Media Metrix top 100
   retail sites. One of the main reasons is likely to have been the
   success of the Site Server product which has been widely adopted. Many
   of Site Server's competitors chose to compete with Site Server on NT,
   when a strategy of porting to Linux/Apache would have been more
   appropriate. Providing internet retail facilities as a service rather
   than as software has also fared better as a business model.
   Apache's strong vertical market is the internet industry itself, where
   the great majority of hosting companies run Apache, while one of the
   more interesting vertical markets is banking, where a shift from
   iPlanet to Microsoft seems to be taking place. If anyone can provide
   us with an plausible empirical ordering of banking sites, we will
   produce the results in the next survey report.

    Notable Sites
   One of our readers points out that [11] currently runs
   Solaris and Apache in preference to NT, Linux, FreeBSD, Digital Unix,
   Guardian, or any other operating system available for hardware that
   Compaq sells. resolves to Compaq's MX host and runs Wietse
   Venema's [12]Postfix SMTP server, with a http redirect to
   [13] Development of Postfix was funded by [14]IBM, and
   they may have mixed feelings about it being the most mission critical
   piece of software in a direct competitor. IBM itself has stayed with
   [15]sendmail on their MX hosts in spite of funding Postfix.
   Leading encryption company [16]RSA, which has styled itself the most
   trusted name in e-security, has had its web site successfully
   compromised twice recently, and seems to have changed web server
   platform on each occasion. On Thursday 10th February was
   running Solaris and Netscape-Enterprise, by Sunday 13th it had
   switched to Linux and Apache/1.3.6, while today [Monday 14th February]
   it is running NT4 and Microsoft-IIS/4.0. It would be interesting to
   know the reasons for this; sometimes companies change platforms as a
   knee jerk reaction to a security or reliability problem, but going
   through the three most common platforms in four days seems exceptional.  
   Presumably at least one of the attacks was a redirection of the DNS 
   entry for
   [17] has been running on Solaris and Netscape-Enterprise
   for several years, but Apple is now introducing MacOS X Server and
   Apache into the load balancing pool serving the site. At the moment
   there is a 2:1 ratio of Solaris to MacOS X Server on repeated queries
   to the site, but presumably Apple's intention will be to ultimately
   replace the Sun platform with their own.
   One frequently asked question is how the [18] site can be
   running Microsoft-IIS/5.0 on Solaris. This is one of the scenarios
   outlined in the [19]faq. uses a reverse proxy, Inktomi
   Traffic-Server/2.2 running on Solaris, to reduce the load on the
   Windows 2000 web servers. and the tcp/ip characteristics that we see
   are those of the Solaris reverse proxy rather than the web servers
   sitting behind it.

    Move to Windows 2000 underway
   Although Windows 2000 does not launch until Thursday, many sites are
   already in the migration process. One of the more interesting
   scenarios has been at [20] which over the last month has
   appeared to swap Windows 2000 machines into its load balancing pool
   for periods of a few hours at a time, and then remove them, finally
   deciding that it was safe to proceed on February 9th.
   Other sites are mixing Windows 2000 systems in to their load balancing
   pool on a consistent basis, increasing the share of Windows 2000
   machines as they build up confidence. For example,
   [21] had a 4:1 ratio of NT4 systems to Windows
   2000 last week, while this week it seems to be running an even number
   of each.
   One of the more telling statistics about Microsoft's commitment is
   that at launch there will already be more web sites running Windows
   2000 than [22]HP-UX. Each currently have around 20,000 sites, with
   Windows 2000 gaining at a rate of around 1000 a week to date this
   The key to the rapid adoption of Windows 2000 will be whether
   Microsoft can persuade the larger hosting companies to replace their
   current platforms with it. With the technology for so many web sites
   concentrated in the hands of a relatively few people and companies,
   Microsoft could gain share very quickly if it is successful. On the
   other hand, this is the group of people who have to date been most
   resistant to Microsoft technology, and have been amongst the most
   enthusiastic adopters of Linux, which has established a strong
   momentum of its own.



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