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Subject Re: mod_proxy: proposal for v2.0
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 10:56:01 GMT

> Martin Pool writes
> > There are some method patents that apply in these areas
>  > that I don't think are compatible with your software licensing
>  > unless Apache is willing to sign licensing deals for new
>  > features covered by method patents.
>  Do you have any links for these patents?

There are tons of them.

Probably the killer method patent is #5327529
owned by GeoWorks. 

Just pop that number into any IP database search and 
you will get it and all ALL related 'links' to 'similar' method patents.

GeoWorks has announced their intent to enforce the
patent for all WAP applications and will require licensing
( $20,000 for single license ) but if you read the actual patent 
you find it is not specific to WAP at all.

It basically applies to all content re-formatting and even
actually applies to HTML itself if they win a current court 
case about 'when' the patent was issued.

Announcement about patent enforcement...
You can click on GeoWorks link in that article and go to their home
page and then click on 'Intellectual Property' in the left side-bar
which take you to this page...
which talks about their 'right' to enforce the patent(s).

>  > During the firestorm regarding these issues a while back
>  > we were invited by 2 high level Apache group members 
>  > to attend ApacheCon and talk about all this. The invitation
>  > was withdrawn shortly thereafter. If the group is now willing
>  > to admit that is something worthwhile and is considering
>  > re-visiting these issues is it too late to talk about all
>  > this in person at ApacheCon?
>  Perhaps we can do a BOF session on these topics?

Perhaps... tell me what a 'BOF session' is and what that means.

Kevin Kiley
CTO, Remote Communications, Inc.

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