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From Martin Pool <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy: proposal for v2.0
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2000 11:01:23 GMT
> There are some method patents that apply in these areas
> that I don't think are compatible with your software licensing
> unless Apache is willing to sign licensing deals for new
> features covered by method patents.

Do you have any links for these patents?

> During the firestorm regarding these issues a while back
> we were invited by 2 high level Apache group members 
> to attend ApacheCon and talk about all this. The invitation
> was withdrawn shortly thereafter. If the group is now willing
> to admit that is something worthwhile and is considering
> re-visiting these issues is it too late to talk about all
> this in person at ApacheCon?

Perhaps we can do a BOF session on these topics?

Martin Pool, Technical Support Engineer, Linuxcare, Inc.
+61 2 6262 8990,
Linuxcare. Support for the revolution.

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