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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Some performance analysis
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2000 22:06:44 GMT
I've spent a bit of time analyzing Apache 2.0 performance on Windows. Here
is a where we are spending time (from most to least). The time under each
function is the time spent per call (in uS) and the weighted time (time per
call * number of times called per request).

AcceptEx     612.81ms 2.0 612.81ms 2.0 5591   mswsock.dll
    109uS( *1 = 109uS)

TransmitFile 411.61ms 1.3 411.61ms 1.3 5591   mswsock.dll
    73.6uS(*1 = 73.6uS)

strlen 193.00ms 0.6 193.00ms 0.6 290732   msvcrtd.dll
    0.6uS(*52 = 31.2uS)

WSARecv 165.87ms 0.5 165.87ms 0.5 5591   ws2_32.dll
    29.7uS(*1 = 29.7uS)

memcpy 141.06ms 0.5 141.06ms 0.5 206867   msvcrtd.dll
    0.68uS(*37 = 25.16uS)

strchr 110.01ms 0.4 110.01ms 0.4 167730   msvcrtd.dll
    0.66uS(*30 = 19.8uS)

sscanf 68.42ms 0.2 68.42ms 0.2 5591   msvcrtd.dll
    12.2uS (*1 = 12.2uS)

_stricmp 51.71ms 0.2 51.71ms 0.2 519963 stricmp.asm stricmp.obj aprlib.dll
    0.099uS(* 93 = 9.2uS)

FileTimeToSystemTime 48.87ms 0.2 48.87ms 0.2 11182   kernel32.dll

This is enough data to give you an initial feel for where we are spending
cycles. Apache on Linux is significantly faster (almost 100%) for small
numbers of concurrent clients (not tested with large number of concurrent
clients) with the simple braindead test I am running (fetching 500 byte file
with apachebench). Adding the file handle cache to NT brings it close to
what I'm seeing with Linux.  I suspect Linux's speed is coming from the
efficiency of it's network and file i/o system calls.

One other observation before I go. ap_rvputs is responsible for 32 calls to
memcpy and 32 calls to strlen per request. ap_rvputs is called 8 times per
request. Seems there is opportunity for some performance tweaking here.
When I get the Windows port reasonably stable, I'd like to start
invesitgating putting the SGI fast path patches in. Oh, BTW, logging is OFF
in my testing here.



Bill Stoddard

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