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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: API_EXPORT, etc.
Date Fri, 11 Feb 2000 20:00:07 GMT
> A couple of questions.
> 1)  Are we using these at all in APR?  I honestly don't know whether we
> are or not.
The API_VAR_EXPORT is being used in a couple of places.  Otherwise, they are
not being used now. On Windows, a function can get a small performance
improvement by knowing whether a function is resident in a DLL (declared as
dllimport) or not. It saves a pointer redirection per call. For variables
residing in a DLL, it saves you from doing the pointer redirection by hand
before accessing the variable.

Note: The desirability of declaring all the APIs doesn't go away if you
statically link APR into ApacheCore since we still have the case of
dynamically linked Apache modules and ApacheCore is a dll.

> 2)  Why can't we just let APR define this for us, and let Apache use it?
I had ruled this when I was thinking of this a month or so ago, I just can't
remember why now :-).  Maybe I'll start down this path first and see what


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