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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject Re: need ap_initialize() before create_process()->...->lock_inter()->semop()
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2000 15:46:35 GMT
> Basically, ap_initialize() needs to get called before create_process(),
> since create_process() passes op_on structure to semop() to get a lock,
> op_on isn't initialized until ap_initialize() calls setup_lock().  Here is
> a slight rearrangement to main() which calls ap_initialize() earlier...
Just committed this patch. A couple of suggestions...  Most folks on the
list prefer unified diffs (diff -u ). They are easier to read. Also, notice
the patch you posted has line wraps in it. Not good for patches, if you want
them to apply :-).  I (and a few other folks on the list) have had mixed
success posting patches with Lotus Notes. FYI...


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