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From "Bill Stoddard" <>
Subject mod_mmap_static translation hook is never called
Date Fri, 04 Feb 2000 01:37:13 GMT
There is a bug here but I'm not sure of the proper way to fix it. In build,
I have 3 translate hooks registered.  The mod_mmap_static hook is registered
to run last as follows.

    ap_hook_translate_name(mmap_static_xlat, aszPre, NULL, HOOK_LAST);

aszPre points to the core translate routine but from what I can tell it is
never used. What is this field used for?

The hooks are sorted in the list in this order:


The translate hooks are implemented as IMPLEMENT_HOOK_RUN_FIRST. mod_alias
declines, mod_core does NOT decline thus the mod_mmap hook is never called.
Then I tried registering the mod_mmap hook as follows:

    ap_hook_translate_name(mmap_static_xlat, aszPre, NULL, HOOK_MIDDLE);

Now the translate name hook list is sorted like this:


Arghhh, still foiled. mod_mmap depend on mod_core being run before it is run
to set the r->filename field. In Apache 1.3, mod_mmap_static calls
core_translate directly (and we can do the same here, but it's such an ugly
hack...).  How should this work with the new hooks?


Bill Stoddard

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