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From "Gary Hallmark" <>
Subject request for Apache testing info
Date Sat, 05 Feb 2000 00:06:23 GMT
Dear Apache Testers,

I'm interesting in contributing to the Apache testing effort, primarily the
web server, common modules, and servlet runner, and would like some
information. If there is a testing FAQ or other documents that answer my
questions, a pointer would be much appreciated.

1. Is there a shared body of tests that are split up and run (possibly on
different platforms)? Or do we all write and maintain separate tests?

2. Are there any code coverage metrics (e.g. 85% of "basic blocks"). Are
these broken down by subsystem or module, so as to hint at what new tests
should be written?

3. Are there performance and scalability tests to catch inadvertent
pathlength increases or problems on big multiprocessor machines?

4. Are there "stress" tests that test behavior under peak loads?

5. Are there uptime tests that test whether the server can stay up for
several days?

Please send me any information along these lines that you have. What does
your Apache testing consist of? I'll gladly summarize the results, and post
them to this list.


-- Gary Hallmark (

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