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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Bug Report 5671 - CGI Deadlock
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2000 05:24:16 GMT
2 open queries on 5671 (my own report, so excuse my self interest)...

1) When receiving multipart/form-data file uploads > 64KB, with a piped
stdout result > 64KB, do the Un*x platforms deadlock?  I found the problem
on NT, and I seem to be able to reproduce linking to libm.a on Linux.
(Sample code is in the PR, but you want my second try).

2) Is it 'legal' to be transmitting the http result to the client, while the
client isn't done transmitting the request?

3) Would someone with access to the PR database like to edit out my first
attempt at sending the example code?  (Got too hasty when I chopped it down
for brevity).  As noted, the second example is correct.

I don't like threads drifting off into never-never-land, so I'm concerned
more for the risk of abuse then the inconvience.  The second question is
more of 'would this work, and should I consider hacking it?'



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