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From "Cliff Woolley" <>
Subject [PATCH] vhost hostname in scoreboard not useful when using mod_vhost_alias
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2000 20:49:43 GMT

Hey all...

   I noticed a little problem today with the way the scoreboard in
1.3.9 stores the vhost information for display in mod_status when using
mod_vhost_alias.  The vhost's hostname is the only one stored, not the
request hostname, which is what we really want to see out of mod_status.
 Attached is a five-line patch across three files that fixes this
problem.  The line numbers might be a little off because I haven't
applied some of the (unrelated) patches since 1.3.9 in the CVS tree,
though it's a very straightforward patch so it should be easy to merge
in.  The theory is simple: store the r->hostname in the short_score
struct (just like the r->client is stored) in addition to the pointer to
the vhost server_rec.



Cliff Woolley
Central Systems Software Administrator
Washington and Lee University

Work: (540) 463-8089
Pager: (540) 462-2303

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