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From "Cliff Woolley" <>
Subject Re: Multimodal authentication
Date Mon, 03 Jan 2000 01:55:19 GMT
>>> "Cliff Woolley" <> 01/02/00 08:44PM >>>
>Now one interesting point that this all brings up is that I don't
>that mod_auth handles the AuthAuthoritative directive precisely
>correctly for subdirectories of protected directories that don't have
>.htaccess files of their own.  But the solution there is a rather
>fix to mod_auth, not a change in the core logic at all.  I'll start
>another thread to gather opinions on that one.

Oops...  nevermind on this one.  I just went back and looked at the
code for mod_auth again and realized I must have been thinking of some
other module.  mod_auth looks okay for this case to me.  (There's no
per-dir config merging at all, so if a subdirectory has no .htaccess, it
should use all of the parent's settings including the AuthAuthoritative

That's what I get for talking off the top of my head.  =-)


Cliff Woolley
Central Systems Software Administrator
Washington and Lee University

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